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Every state in America has its own laws and views on education. Of course, it is necessary to check the teacher for their competence and relevant knowledge, because they teach our children. Of course, every teacher must be a bit of a psychologist in order to have an approach to children. Why this is important, read the article at

Governor Cuomo Vetoes His Own Common Core Bill

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On Monday night, December 29, , Governor Cuomo vetoed a bill that promised to protect “New York’s standing as a national leader in teacher evaluation.” Specifically, the legislation would have created a two-year safety net that excluded Common Core state tests from teachers’ and principals’ annual professional performance reviews if the teacher or principal was… Continue Reading

The SED’s New Health Services Guidelines Raise Many Questions

Posted in Student Issues
Recently, there has been much discussion about the New York State Education Department’s August 2022 “School Health Examination Guidelines.” In relevant part, the guidelines state that “parental consent is required for health services, treatment, and remedial care.” Some school districts have interpreted the cited language as barring them from providing health services to students, unless… Continue Reading